VIDEO: Black Cat Backstage (1999) – Mikroknytes, Trance and the Arcade, and Chris Coady

Thanks to Marc Masters we have documentation of an early mikroknytes collaboration with Trance and the Arcade (Chuck Bettis) and Lostless at Black Cat’s Backstage on December 6, 1999. This was most likely the first time Chuck and I performed together before our duo collaborations which eventually lead to Brown Wing Overdrive 6 years later. The visuals were provided by Marc Masters, Gus Kyriacou, and Allan Callandar. My introduction in the video explains the concept for the evening.


At times… e-bowy banjo feedback – beatboxed to teethy violin squeak bites into leftover chicken scrap however mostly a pleasant mellow drone meditation consistently of gentle violin loops and filtered sounds.

This was originally released at the Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC, in 2006 as a limited edition CDR run, about 10 made it into peoples hands. The recording was made in the studio while the Knytes were preparing for their upcoming show with Phill Niblock.