performance history

(a mostly complete listing of past performances including a few non-mikroknyte collaborations involving Derek)

010-27-2013 – w/The Bugs, Lutkie, and Grasshopper Drum & Bugle Corpse Drum Major Matthews
The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St, New York NY

01-30-2011 – w/Jesse Kudler and Ian Fraser, Kohoutek Duo (Scott Verrastro, Scott Verrastro) and Charles Cohen
Albaster Tongue Presents
The Marvelous, 208 S. 40th St., Philadelphia PA

01-29-2011 – w/ Mia Zabelka
DC Sonic Circuits
Artisphere Dome Theater 1101 Wilson Blvd. Arlington VA

10-08-2009 – Derek Morton live collaboration w/ Kyle Bobby Dunn, Che Chen and Symbol Winds, Grasslung and Paul Clipson, and Pale Blue Sky
West Nile, 285 Kent St, Brooklyn NY

07-11-2009 – w/Mikey IQ Jones, and Hiccup (Luke Calzonetti & Chuck Bettis)
West Nile, 285 Kent St. Brooklyn NY

10-03-2008 – Derek Morton collaboration in NMNN Quartet including Frank Rothkamm, Per Svensson, and Hans Tammen
Harvestworks Digital Media Center
596 Broadway, Suite 602, New York, NY

05-24-2008 – w/Symbol, Talk Normal, and Bleeping Sleuty
(10 Year Anniversary Show)
Velvet Lounge 915 U Street, NW, Washington DC

05-23-2008 – w/Symbol, Talk Normal, and Jenny Graf
The Bank, Baltimore, MD

04-01-2008 – collaboration w/Naoko Maeshiba (dance)
New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival at Joyce Soho
155 Mercer Street, New York, New York

10-08-2006 w/Phill Niblock, Wolf Eyes
Sonic Circuits DC 2006 Festival

06-11-2006 – Derek Morton live performance with dancer Mare Hieronimus
Les Petit Versailles Gardens, New York, NY

04-8-2006 – w/Face Fashe 4, The Caution Curves, Chuck Bettis w/ Dafna Naphtali, and Accelera Deck
Tommys 1041 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY.

04-9-2006 – w/Howard Stelzer, Chuck Bettis, and Accelera Deck
A Scarcelight Records showcase
PA’s Lounge 345 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA

11-26-2005 – w/Mountains
ADA Gallery 228 west broad street richmond,virginia 23220

11-25-2005 – w/Dan Higgs, Sharks with Wings, and Mountains
611 Florida Ave 228 west

09-4-2005 – w/ Phroq, Stimbox, Xome, Tralphaz, Mid-Might, Pedestrian Deposit, and Oscillating Innards
Klub Wood Knot Die (aka SIXES House) 3957 San Leandro St. Oakland

09-6-2005 – w/Dizzystarhouse
Apotheke 1314 NW Glisan, pdx OR 97209

Butchershop 195 East 26th (west of Main Street), Vancouver, CA

02-12-2005 – phonography symposium – a gathering of found sound practitioners: scott smallwood, andy graydon, omnid (albert casais), andy hayleck, scott allison, derek morton
violet (jeff surak) and ben owen
Clævius productions 611 Florida Ave. NW WDC 8pm $5 suggested donation

01-26-2005 – From Milton’s Monster to Moog España and Beyond!!! An Electronic Music Extravaganza: The Picture is Dead, Pat Gillis, and Derek Morton
Library of Congress, Mary Pickford Theater, Third Floor, James Madison Building First & Independence Ave., S.E. 3rd Floor, Madison building 6:30pm

01-08-2005 — Birchville Cat Motel, Howard Stelzer, and Donna Parker.
Clævius productions 611 Florida Ave. NW WDC 8pm $5 suggested donation

09-10-2004 — w/Sawtooth,Darren Zesing aka Stalker
TECHCLUB Event 5 MULTI-AV: Cross Continental Audio Video Jam

07-17-2004 — Feature set by Derek Morton and Chuck Bettis
TECHCLUB WILD ELECTRIC OPEN MINIJAX v.1.4 – The 5th showcase for portable sound systems.
Warehouse Theater 1021 7th St. NW, WDC

08-01-2004 — PEDAL FAIR II @ The Electric Possible
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW, Rm B120 (in the basement) 22nd and H Streets/GW Metro),George Washington University, FREE, 8-10:30pm
An open mic style jam for electronics musicians. Bring your effects pedals, ideas, and axes for an evening of improvised electronics and info-swapping.

06-06-2004 — Derek Morton and Jonathan Matis Duo
The Electric Possible XV
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW, Rm B120 (in the basement) 22nd and H Streets/GW Metro),George Washington University

4-30-2004 — (Dork vs. Dweeb) Derek Morton performs with Jeff Barszcz aka Medium
Warehouse Theater 1021 7th St. NW, WDC

04-03-2004 — w/DJ Misa, Chris Carlson, DJ Son, and *Visuals by Mikroknytes, Nick Barbery & Jason Thompson
MACROCK 2004 Electronic Showcase Harrisonburg
Dave’s Downtown Taverna, Harrisonburg VA

03-22-2004 — w/Accelera Deck, Satellite Grooves
The Black Cat Washington, DC $5 9pm

03-18-2004 – w/EVOL, Accelera Deck, Satellite Grooves, EBSK, and Omnid
Scarcelight Night
The Tank New York, New York 8pm

01-21-2004 — Derek Morton performance of Bombyx Mori Acoustic Interweave New Music Salon presented by American Composers Forum @ Flashpoint $5, 8pm
This piece was created for an installation at the McLean Project for the Arts, in conjunction with a show of visual art by Elsabe Dixon. Ms. Dixon raises silkworms, and uses them in unusual ways to create sculpture and assemblages constructed using the spun silk, as well as the worms themselves at various points in their life cycles. Derek recorded sounds produced by the worms eating and spinning silk, then built a sound environment using computer processing.

01-29-2004 – w/Double Leopards, Ian Nagoski, and the Themoonstealingproject (Jason Urick)
The Knitting Factory “Old Office”, NYC, New York

02-07-2004 — w/ Pelt
The Eye, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

01-18-2004 — TECHCLUB OPEN MINIJAX v.1.2
The 3rd showcase for portable sound systems: Gameboy music (Nanoloop,LSDJ), circuit bent toys, and laptop music explorations are all welcomed.
The Galaxy Hut, Arlington, Virginia Free, 9pm

01-10-2004 — w/Local Acoustic Improvisors
The Red Room, 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore

12-07-2003 — Mikrobes (big band concept to electronica by rotating a cast of DC laptop and electronica all-stars, including members of Mikroknytes, EBSK, and Caution Curves. Facemat and Bustghosters are also rocking the possible.
The Electric Possible IX
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW, Rm B120 (in the basement) 22nd and H Streets/GW Metro),George Washington University, $5, 8-10:30pm

Guitar pedals and stomp boxes have opened the door to inexpensive electronic experimentation. Participants will bring their arsenal of effects to use in a collaborative piece built entirely of guitar and other modular fx boxes. A swap-meet like atmosphere will be encouraged… why not bring stuff to trade?
NOW MUSIC AND FASHION, Alexandria Virginia, Free, 1-5pm

9-20-2003 — w/Chessie, Twine, and Lucas Zarwell
Sonic Circuits DC 2003
Warehouse Theater 1021 7th St. NW, WDC

9-11-2003 — Derek Morton presents: Bombyx Mori Acoustic Interweave: an electronic music composition in conjucntion with Elsabe Dixon’s silkworm art exhibition “Reading Silk”.
Sonic Circuits DC 2003
McLean Project for the Arts, (1234 Ingleside Avenue McLean,)

5-26-2003 — T E C H C L U B eVENT 1: OPEN MINIJAX
An open mic night for portable sound systems: Gameboy music (Nanoloop,LSDJ), circuit bent toys, and laptop music explorations are all welcomed.
The Black Cat, Washington,

5-23-2003 — Mikrobes w/DAT Politics, and Manhunter
The Mikrobes consist of members of EBSK (Eric Bruns and John Rickman), members of the Mikroknytes and Jason Huddo.
WMUC, University of Maryland $5 Donation

4-30-2003 — Derek Morton presents a 6 channel generative sound composition as well as performances by Lucas Zarwell, Faye Chiao, Pamela Helton, and Jonathan Matis.
American Composer’s Forum presents: The Composer as Performer
The Warehouse Theater’s “Warehouse Next Door” 1021 7th Street, Washington, DC, 202.783.3933 $12

4-19-2003 – w/Spaceships Panic Orbit, EBSK, DC Improvisors Collective
The Electric Possible
Joe’s Movement Emporium 3802 34th St, Mt. Ranier, MD.

1-22-2003 – WMUC 88.1, on Jakuta’s Red Shoes by the Drug store radio show. 9:30pm to whenever.
Anything goes.. a live performance.. chit chat, maybe a sneak peek at the new album!

11-29-2002 — w/EBSK, and Gel-Sol
Art-o-Matic Festival, Washington, DC

08-24-2002 – w/Hurrican Lamps and Metropolitan
The Black Cat, Washington, DC

08-02-2002 – w/36, Spaceships Panic Orbit, V, Roddy Schrock, Erin Flannery, Chris Nappi, Alan Tormey, and Alberto Gaitan
Sonic Circuits DC 2002 Festival
Decatur Blue, Washington, DC

05-26-2002 – w/Memorize the Sky
Mass Particles presents “Audio Environments
DCAC, Washington, DC

01-22-2002 – w/Nautical Almanac and Philip Samartzis
Electic Circus
The Black Cat, Washington, DC

08-19-2001 – w/EBSK, Greg Davis, and Mark Robinson
Berwick Institute, Boston, MA
Listen to recording

07-13-2001 – w/EBSK
Summer Concert Series in the Park
Now Music and Fashion, Arlington, VA

07-03-2001 – w/Twine, The Mahoning(Fat Cat.Tiln), DJ Veins, Phase4(HD)
A Headroom Digital Event
Speak in Tongues, Cleveland, OH

07-01-2001 – mikroknytes perform as guest musicians at this weekly experimental-ambient showcase
Halcyon, Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, NYC

06-30-2001 – w/ ENE, While, Dinky, DJ Genetically Modified Corn, Diskette, So Takahashi, EBSK, Marumari, DJ Stripcentre
Electric Circus Brooklyn
Free 103.9 Loft, Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NYC

06-29-2001 – w/ENE and EBSK
Electric Circus Richmond
Blue Bottle club, Richmond, VA

02-29-2000 – w/SK
Now Music and Fashion, Arlington, VA

06-24-99 – mikroknytes perform Konsumer Activity
Now Music and Fashion, Arlington VA

05-31-99 – w/Damian Catera, and K.K. Null
Alley Katz, Richmond Virginia

05-15-99 – w/Micro-East Collective, Bernhard Guenter, Loren MazzaCane Connors, John Hudak, Kaffe Matthews, Phil Kline, Tono-Bungay, Windy and Carl, Pelt
Transmissions Festival 002
The Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC

04-25-2001 – The Digiknytes (Derek Morton, John Coursey, and Vahan Papakhian) w/Tanline and ENE
Electric Circus
at the Black Cat, Washington DC

12-06-99 – w/The Trance and the Arcade, Lostless, and video artists: Allan Callander, Marc Masters/Gus Kyriacou
The Black Cat, Washington, DC

Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA

02-02-99 – w/Shiney Brites and Free Range Pilgrim
Emergent Music Forum
Velvet Lounge 915 U Street. NW Washington DC