Asenfere (DVD)
Kavekavity Recordings (kkr005)

Mikroknytes first DVD. An EP length foray into disemboweled beatbox vox, sludgy electrical currents to a sideshow of melting pixels.

See Excerpt: Asenfere

Track Listing:

1. Asenfere

TIME: approx. 26.14

Dekakille (CD)
Kavekavity Recordings (kkr003)

Released on Mikroknytes 10 year anniversary, Dekakille is mostly a softer kinder drone record. The tracks Happycocoa and Socidan break with the rule and reveal the range of audio experimentation the Knytes have been know for over the years.

Kaverna (limited edition of 30 CDRs)
Kavekavity Recordings (kkr002)

Released in conjunction with Sonic Circuits DC 2006 festival this limited edition CDR initiates the Kaverna series. The recording was made in the studio while the Knytes were preparing for their upcoming show with Phill Niblock. (a few left – available for $5ppd US, contact us)

Sess-Supastreng (CD)
Kavekavity Recordings (kkr002)

36 minutes of “Quantum Kläng” and superstring sonics to disorient even the most discerning of drone heads. Woozy textures, plaintiff violin plus some new found noise weaponry (example: lissybleed) will launch the knytes through a wormhole near you. This is the first studio output in 2 years released on Commie64′s new Kavekavity recordings.

Live @ Sonic Circuits 2003 3″ CDR
Scarcelight Recordings (slr16)

+ stunning, disorienting, and beautiful improvisation remix of the Crank Automotive album “live_src” keywords: barbed-wire, violin, idea manufacturing

Crank Automotive (car 15)

Live_src is a culmination of the Knytes Improv sound colliding with the digital age of DSP studio processing. Redknyte’s violins ebb and flow while commie64 stirs up more grain than a tornado. Melodies die and beats break in a dark universe of sweet shifting noise crackle.

released Spring 2001
Crank Automotive (car 12)

Culled from Mikroknytes’ best live recordings, textured electronic drones counterpoint processed violin. Fans of Cluster and Tony Conrad will take note. Many of the recordings are improvisations which inspired additional composition elements, added using computer multi-track software.

Spinus 99
released Fall 1998
Recorded at Stillness Studio by Christian Quick, this 3 song EP documents the first collaboration of Commie 64 and Redknyte. Mostly tweaked out casio and processed violin, these compositions captured the improv-live feel of early Mikroknytes shows. Spinus 99 is currently no longer available.

See Salvatos on Youtube


Tarantula Hill Benefit (cdr compilation)
released 2006
Sockets CDR (scdr17)

Artists include: Mikroknytes, The Cutest Puppy in the World, Sore Thumbs, EBSK, Tone Ghosting, FFFFs, Big Cats, Accidents with Magnets and The Plums. Only 40 made. Hand-stenciled and numbered copies.

The Sound of One Constant Pitch (cdr compilation)
released 2004
One Constant Pitch (ocp02)
Mikroknytes compilation track: knytes_ocp on a 15 track cdr released by r_garcia’s One Constant Pitch label.

Assult with Insults (cassette compilation)
released Summer 2002
Unread Records

Knytes contributed a live recording from their June 2002 show at DCAC in Washington DC.